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Cirrus Go Lean Six Sigma

Cirrus, the specialist artwork management service for healthcare packaging, has just successfully completed Yellow Belt training for all its employees as part of a Go Lean Six Sigma programme. Lean Six Sigma is a combination of two complementary process improvement methods: Lean and Six Sigma. The combination can deliver greater results and provides an extensive set of methods to streamline any processes and increase efficiency

Gill Wright, Design & Development Director at Cirrus, said: “We’ll be running yellow belt projects over the next few months and will be looking to reap the rewards of process efficiency. We also plan to extend training to the next level for those roles that offer the greatest potential from Lean Six Sigma’s ways of working. This will support the continuous development of a team of talented artwork professionals.”

A Lean Culture is achieved by removing ‘waste’ which is an activity not required to complete a process. “After removing waste, only those steps required to produce a product or service that is satisfactory to a customer will remain”, continued Gill. “Put simply, Six Sigma is a method of efficiently solving a problem. The combination of the two processes will provide a clearer focus on customer satisfaction. Over the past few years, Cirrus has enjoyed solid growth so streamlining our processes will allow us to complete our services faster and more efficiently at no cost to quality. Successful projects will also help build confidence and support our drive to further develop and grow our business.”

Cirrus Go Lean Six Sigma

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