It’s your workflow, not ours!


It’s your workflow, not ours!

Our Artwork Management System is a unique and powerful web-based platform that manages pre-production specifications, artwork assets, and approval throughout a project’s life cycle.

Cirrus’s platform allows you to manage all the complexities of creating packaging: from specification and design through to execution. This management solution is configurable and bespoke to slot into your way of working, ensuring it’s your workflow… and not ours!

Using the latest web-based tools, we can offer clients impressive lead-time benefits. These include instant status updates and press-ready PDFs that go directly into a production workflow, reducing the risk of error from approval to print.

Clients can easily keep track of projects as they unfold. Our intuitive Cirrus AMS facility links directly and securely into our systems, providing full artwork visibility so you can review and annotate artwork, approving only when complete.

‘We offer an end-to-end service, guiding clients through all aspects of artwork management.’

We offer a full artwork lifecycle service